Follow These Guidelines for the Best Security Fences

Most businesses will have a certain type of perimeter wall around their premises. However, not all of these walls are an effective security barrier to keep burglars away from your property. When thinking about fencing your business premises, the top priority you should have is restricting access control. To achieve this access control, you have to plant the fence selection and installation process very carefully. Here are the guidelines to follow when installing commercial fencing.

The Fence Design Matters

There are some types of fence whose design makes them a good hiding place for burglars. Any fence that you cannot see through provides an excellent place for a burglar to hide and execute his forced entry. Choose, instead, to go for a fence material with spaces between the slats. This type of fence will make it easy to see the person on the other side of the fence. At the same time, remember when the slats are too wide apart, someone can squeeze through. Therefore, pick a design that balances these two aspects of privacy and access restriction.

The Height and Configuration of the Fence

The fence should be high and also hard to climb over. When the fence is too low, it makes it easy for a burglar to simply reach, climb over and access the compound. In addition to height, you should choose spiked razors or electric wiring as an additional measure. When you have razors at the top of the fence, any person climbing through will fear getting cut and shy away. The same applies to when you install an electric fence.

The Space Below the Fence

A common tactic that burglars use to access commercial buildings is digging in the space below the fence. Sometimes, the fence is poorly constructed and when a burglar lies low, they can access the building. Others just need to dig a little to get inside the yard. The best way to prevent this from happening is by simply ensuring the fence material goes at least a foot or two below the ground level.

These are some of the crucial considerations to make when installing a fence. Also, remember that the material of the fence and the skill of the fence installer will determine how well secured your property is. Choose a competent and experienced fence installation expert to guide you through the selection, installation and maintenance of your fence for durable security.