How to Prepare for Demolition

Demolition looks easy, but it's more than just tearing down a structure. It takes preparation and cautionary measures to get ready for your house demolition. Here is how you prepare for demolition:

Demolition measures

You need the right paperwork before you can begin demolition. You can either apply for a demolition licence or a restricted demolition licence. You also need to notify the regulator via written notice at least five days before you begin the project. According to the regulations, you need to include the height of the structure, the type of machinery to be used and the use of explosives, if any.

Once you have the right paperwork, you can erect a fence around the structure. The temporary fence will help contain the house demolition to a specific area. You can request the demolition contractor to erect the fence. Also, check for asbestos and ensure that you remove it before you begin demolishing the structure.

Demolition method

Are you demolishing the entire structure or part of it? Is the structure a high-rise building? All these will influence your choice in demolition method. For example, you can't use explosives to demolish one wall. You also can't use hand demolition to demolish a 5-storey building.

Knowing the type of demolition you want will help you choose the demolition method. For example, interior demolition requires stealth and precision. This is because you're trying to preserve the exterior while tearing down the interior. The same applies to deconstruction as the goal is to preserve some of the building components for reuse. Total demolition is easier as nothing is left standing and can be achieved through mechanical demolition, implosion or the use of a wrecking ball.

Demolition inspection

Construction projects are never straightforward; there will always be delays or incidences that increase the cost. However, you can limit this by having a demolition inspection to help with some of the decisions. For example, the inspector will check if the house has asbestos and recommend the use of a demolition crew that's licensed to deal with hazardous materials.

Sell unwanted goods

Instead of demolishing the house with everything in it, you can sell some of the items such as furniture. Advertise the items on Facebook, in your local newspaper or on a community board. You might be lucky and find someone who will buy the items at a fair price. If that doesn't work, you can try a garage sale.